OpenStack To Be Used in Square Kilometre Array (SKA) Project

OpenStack To Be Used in Square Kilometre Array (SKA) Project

21st century is all about latest technologies which are changing lifestyles of human. Most of these technologies have high impact on day-to-day life. When we say technology, inventions in computer system holds the larger space. A step by step growth in computer hardware as well as software technologies making life easier of everyone including developers, researchers and end users.

Talking about researchers, they can now take advantage of current available technical resources to achieve milestone results. Many ambitious inventions are came out due to this fact and mainly these are well supported by technologies. One of the researches I came across is – Square Kilometre Array (SKA). It is a global project which is aiming to find answers about origin and evolution of the universe. World’s large radio telescope is going to build under this project which can track far-most distance a human could have reached. In this project, a large amount of data will be produced every day; around 5,000 petabytes of data per day (5,242,880,000 GB). Then data will trimmed into 50PB per day and sent over to labs for testing. As number and overall processing suggests this project is going to need help of networking & storage technologies at high scale. Here, Openstack is going to play big role.openstack

Openstack is free and open source software platform which is now called as cloud operating system which control large pools of storage, computing & networking resource of data center. As narrated in this article, SKA project involves analysis of large pool of data. Data center built for this project will require huge computing power which can be easily managed with Openstack. Openstack community also raised their hand to contribute to this project. Exciting thing about this tie up is, Openstack is free and open-source. Many companies are incorporating cloud computing and Openstack will be used as their own software. IT infrastructure already seeing great impact due to such open-source technologies like Openstack & Docker. Use of Openstack in SKA like project will definitely raise market for this cloud operating system. Also we can see more valuable modules and possible application developing with Openstack. Already there is prediction by 451 research of 35% growth in Openstack revenues.

Based on this, I can say, the way technologies like Openstack are helping to solve big issues arising in SKA project we can definitely hope for many more inventions in next few years.

Note: Read this article if you are curious about how Openstack is contributing to SKA project.

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