Installing Mautic on Dreamhost Shared Hosting & Fixing Dependencies

Installing Mautic on Dreamhost Shared Hosting & Fixing Dependencies

Mautic is an open source marketing automation software. It is completely free to use marketing automation software where businesses can simply host in their own server. There is no need to pay a high cost to other hosting server to space and bandwidth. For any bugs, special additions, tweaks we get very good support from Mautic community in form of discussion forum as well as slack.  Adding to this, Mautic allows us to choose email service provider (PHP email, gmail, sendgrid, mandrill, custom SMTP). I don’t see such flexibility in other marketing automation tool. Mautic provides plugins for CMSs like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and more.

I am using Dreamhost shared hosting to host my several blogs and sites.

Installing Mautic on shared or any server is similar to host any PHP application (CMSs) or your custom hard coded PHP website. We normally upload CMS or website directory to web host and connect to MySQL database to run fully function website. Mautic installs in same way. Same way, you need to upload Mautic files in desired directory and connect to database on server.

I came across few dependencies which were critical to fix when I attempted to install Mautic software on server.

As you can see I have been asked to fix below dependencies

  • Install and enable fileinfo extension
  • Install and enable intl extension and
  • Upgrade memory limit to 128 MB

Fix was very easy. We just need to create “phprc” file on server. Dreamhost shared hosting has basic PHP settings enabled for very common software tools or applications. We need to enable required extensions using “phprc” or “php.ini” file which overrides default settings.

Before going ahead we have to know the PHP version for a domain where you have uploaded Mautic files. In my case it PHP 7.0.

Here are the steps I followed (Keep in mind, methods and settings can be different for different hosting provider.)

  1. Created “.php” directory under hosting user under which I installed Mautic.
  2. Created 7.0 directory which is PHP version of my Mautic installation.
  3. Then created “phprc” file without any extension.
  4. Copied below lines in that file. Saved that file and uploaded back.
    extension =
    extension =
    memory_limit = 128M

That’s it. Installation started smoothly as these dependencies got closed.

You may face more such dependencies based on your PHP settings configured by hosting provider. But I assume these method may help everyone other than Dreamhost.



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