Awesome Studio Framework: Free WordPress Framework for Faster Development

Awesome Studio Framework: Free WordPress Framework for Faster Development

Re-usability is a major contributor to the development goal of achieving high speed, low cost and quality. And this is exactly a motto of free WordPress development framework – Awesome Studio Framework developed by WPoets team. This framework is bundled with tons of reusable modules which will help developers and wordpress beginners to design website faster than never before. It is highly flexible plugin to design any type of website instantly. Check out the features of this framework

  • Reusable Modules – A large collection of reusable, ready-to-use modules. Further, create your own reusable modules!
  • HTML/CSS Layer – Build your advanced site or client sites without coding PHP, only html/css. Our backend editor features code Auto Complete.
  • Comprehensive Documentation – Easy-to-understand documentation so that you can start and finish quickly.
  • Integration with Javascript Libraries – 50+ popular JavaScript libraries are built-in: including Fancybox, Lazyload, Sharrre & Swiper. It also provides powerful SPA architecture.
  • All popular plugins supported – Seamless integration with popular WordPress plugins including Woocommerce, Yoast SEO and WPML.
  • 100% GPL – Awesome studio framework is 100% GPL.

Awesome studio framework is made up of two plugins, Awesome UI 2 & Monoframe and optional but recommended Monomyth theme. Awesome UI 2 is the main plugin, contains all the magic of ‘No Code’ platform. Monoframe is the mandatory plugin as support for framework, contains all the classes and libraries that which are useful in day to day development. Monomyth Theme is the blank theme designed to stay out of your way during assembling your website or application. This theme only understands Awesome UI and can’t be used without it. You will also need to import theme blocks to give it default block it needs.

You will need to use these shortcodes to reuse various modules developed under framework. Most of theme are now ready to use and perfectly coded to work along with any theme or plugin.

Click here to download.

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